Are These Exclusive Blunts The Ultimate Preroll?


LITWOODS & Nameless Genetics combine forces to offer an exclusive line of top-shelf preroll blunts! Only available in California.

Each preroll comes filled with 1.5 grams of medicinal grade Nameless Genetics Flower. Nameless Genetics is a Los Angeles based brand best known for there Cannabis Cup winning strains.
caaWe decided to give the nectar honey flavor a try. This preroll features one of Nameless Genetics exclusive Sativa strains called “Nectarine”. Nectarine is a cross between Megawellness and 24k strains. Nectarine is a brilliant flower that offers an amazing overload of citrus flavor terpenes. It is an uplifting Sativa that will give you a creative an energetic high. This strain is great for combating depression and alleviating anxiety. The high will typically last 2+ hours. nameless geneticsStandout features of this Litwood preroll include a reusable glass mouthpiece. This is a cool feature because it ensures that you get a quality rip each and every time. It is also convenient when sharing because it keeps the blunt dry.

litwoods preee

This pre-roll features Backwoods tobacco paper. So it has a strong tobacco taste. Backwoods helps the blunt burn extra slow. This blunt was smoked with two homies and it easily lasted 20 minutes! Surprisingly this blunt was extremely easy to rip and was not harsh on the throat at all.

We thoroughly enjoyed this blunt, it is a top quality premium grade medicinal product. With that comes a price. Each blunt will cost $35.00. With that being said these blunts are not practical for everyday use. They are more practical for entertainment and networking/social settings!

We highly recommend Litwoods. They offer an awesome product that even the most experienced smokers can appreciate! That is why we give them a 4.0 rating.

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Kwik Cannabis-Infused Beverage Review

I decided to give my lungs a much needed break from smoking weed. But found my self wanting to still get high. I took a trip over to my local dispensary to see what I could find.

The bud tender recommend these so I decided to try the Pineapple Express Hybrid version for $20.00 a pop. Each container is 60 ml with 10 10mg servings for a total of 100 mg of thc. For the edible connoisseur this may seem like a small dosage but for your average consumer its just right.

As I started to guzzle this thing down I quickly thought it tasted like pineapple punch and had zero trace of weed taste or smell. I measured out 2 servings using the serving indicator on the side of the bottle and waited for about 45 minutes before I felt anything. IMG_0921

Within an hour of taking two servings I felt great. I had a full high and could really feel the cannabis oil doing its job. Every care and worry started to fade away and it left me feeling happy, upbeat, and relaxed. It was a very energetic buzz that allowed me to finish all of my daily tasks in good spirit. I repeated the dosage again after another hour and again felt great. I slept so well that night that I woke up the next day finished the bottle and went back to try another flavor the following day!

Caution: Since it is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid I recommend drinking this in the daytime so you do not risk staying up all night.

My girlfriend try 2 servings around 12 a.m and she ended up staying up all night! That next day I went back and decided to try the Kush Berry Indica flavor. When reading the ingredients I got really excited to see the herbs that are in this product. The Indica has some awesome ingredients that include ginger root, lavender chamomile , elderberry, and also valerian root. (these herbs are known to be very calming and soothing)

Note: For a full list of ingredients please see the image below


I was tired from work and wanted to relax since I had the next two days off. I popped open the bottle on my way home and quickly measured 2 servings and drank it. Again within about an hour I started to feel great. This was a much better high that the Pine Apple Express flavor. It was a very relaxing and gave me a very deep body high that left me very clear minded and focused. I felt that this strain worked well with my body. Every hour I took another 2 servings until I finished the bottle. I kept getting higher but I also felt very under control and clear minded. This stuff really stimulated my appetite. I wanted to just eat, laugh, and chill out the whole night! I even had a few Jameson Mules that gave me the perfect cross fade. I would definitely try these products again and I highly recommend the quality of these products.

If you are new to edibles, I recommend you ease into them slowly, everyone is effected differently and you must know how your body reacts if you want to enjoy them responsibly. Also use the side indicator and take one serving at a time and then wait an hour until you know how your body feels. This will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip!