La Kush Disposable Vape Pen Review #vape #extract

I got my hands on one of these LA Kush Disposable vape pens.
They offer an all in one convenient vape pen that is ready to smoke out of the box.
la kush disposable.jpgIt comes loaded with a premium extract cartridge paired with a fully charged battery.

I like that the vape pen itself is metal & heavy in your hands. Seems a little bit of a waste to throw this in the trash after your vape cartridge is empty. Not very eco friendly to say the least.

la kush

The mouth piece was a clear plastic, and I didn’t care much for it.

Back on to the flavor–

I decided to try the strawberry blonde flavor 

This flavor is an Indica dominant hybrid.

I really enjoyed the full flavors… the strawberry blonde was delicious…

I like that it was loaded with fruit and lemon terpenes. This smoke is so tasty, and is great for an uplifting and relaxed high.

I purchased this disposable vape pen at a local medicinal dispensary for $35.00 for half g

This extract is super dank and will leave you feeling stoned for hours! I highly recommended these quality lab tested extracts.

La Kush is definitely one of my favorite Southern California brands. These disposable extract cartridges reflect that.

I am a big fan of these products and I cannot wait to try out the rest of the flavors!

I highly recommend these as one of the top disposable vape pens on the market.  That is why I rate them a 4 out of 5 Weed & Brew review!

Check out the rest of the products here La Kush


Is This The Best Disposable Vape Pen? #coachellafest #marijuana #weed #cannabis

elevate vape pen

We tried one of these new Elevate disposable vape pens filled with top shelf organic cannabis oil.

This watermelon flavor vape pen has 67.41% thc.

habit elevate

$30.00 for half a gram and $60.00 for the full gram

We like that the pen itself is heavy and well made with premium lab tested ingredients.

The pen comes ready to vape and includes a battery which comes fully charged ready to smoke.

Habit uses premium organic cannabis oil.

We like that these pens are lab tested and are proven both chemical and pesticide free.

The watermelon flavor was light and smooth and you can easily take fat rips.  I like that the oil provides a smooth and relaxing high, it is perfect to smoke and relax on the go. I think this pen gives a great high to enjoy during ever day activities. I like that I can take a couple of rips and head out to the gym and experience a smooth and enjoyable high. Some of these pens have proven to be defective, it is best to try them out before you leave the store so you do not have to go back and return a potentially defective unit.



We give this disposable vape pen a 3 out of 5 Weed and Brew review

We like that It is convenient and comes ready to smoke and is organic and pesticide free.

The taste was smooth with a chill buzz. We don’t like the fact that some of these pens have been defective and that it has a mild metal taste when smoking.




Are These Exclusive Blunts The Ultimate Preroll?


LITWOODS & Nameless Genetics combine forces to offer an exclusive line of top-shelf preroll blunts! Only available in California.

Each preroll comes filled with 1.5 grams of medicinal grade Nameless Genetics Flower. Nameless Genetics is a Los Angeles based brand best known for there Cannabis Cup winning strains.
caaWe decided to give the nectar honey flavor a try. This preroll features one of Nameless Genetics exclusive Sativa strains called “Nectarine”. Nectarine is a cross between Megawellness and 24k strains. Nectarine is a brilliant flower that offers an amazing overload of citrus flavor terpenes. It is an uplifting Sativa that will give you a creative an energetic high. This strain is great for combating depression and alleviating anxiety. The high will typically last 2+ hours. nameless geneticsStandout features of this Litwood preroll include a reusable glass mouthpiece. This is a cool feature because it ensures that you get a quality rip each and every time. It is also convenient when sharing because it keeps the blunt dry.

litwoods preee

This pre-roll features Backwoods tobacco paper. So it has a strong tobacco taste. Backwoods helps the blunt burn extra slow. This blunt was smoked with two homies and it easily lasted 20 minutes! Surprisingly this blunt was extremely easy to rip and was not harsh on the throat at all.

We thoroughly enjoyed this blunt, it is a top quality premium grade medicinal product. With that comes a price. Each blunt will cost $35.00. With that being said these blunts are not practical for everyday use. They are more practical for entertainment and networking/social settings!

We highly recommend Litwoods. They offer an awesome product that even the most experienced smokers can appreciate! That is why we give them a 4.0 rating.

star power
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