Is This The Best Disposable Vape Pen? #coachellafest #marijuana #weed #cannabis

elevate vape pen

We tried one of these new Elevate disposable vape pens filled with top shelf organic cannabis oil.

This watermelon flavor vape pen has 67.41% thc.

habit elevate

$30.00 for half a gram and $60.00 for the full gram

We like that the pen itself is heavy and well made with premium lab tested ingredients.

The pen comes ready to vape and includes a battery which comes fully charged ready to smoke.

Habit uses premium organic cannabis oil.

We like that these pens are lab tested and are proven both chemical and pesticide free.

The watermelon flavor was light and smooth and you can easily take fat rips.  I like that the oil provides a smooth and relaxing high, it is perfect to smoke and relax on the go. I think this pen gives a great high to enjoy during ever day activities. I like that I can take a couple of rips and head out to the gym and experience a smooth and enjoyable high. Some of these pens have proven to be defective, it is best to try them out before you leave the store so you do not have to go back and return a potentially defective unit.



We give this disposable vape pen a 3 out of 5 Weed and Brew review

We like that It is convenient and comes ready to smoke and is organic and pesticide free.

The taste was smooth with a chill buzz. We don’t like the fact that some of these pens have been defective and that it has a mild metal taste when smoking.




Sprig Delivers An Exciting New Way To Enjoy Soda #thc #infused


On a life time mission to find the best medicinal grade weed edibles in California, I came across Sprig sodas. My local delivery service sells them for $8.00 a can or 3 for $20.00. Sprig sodas are infused with 45mg of thc. When purchasing edibles I look for products that are potent, well priced, and have quality ingredients.

Sprig Weed&BrewThe Thc infused citrus soda contains 45 mg of THC in each can. I was very pleased with the flavor and taste of this drink. It was very smooth, refreshing, and uplifting. It had a light and sweet citrus taste. The carbonation in the beverage makes the effects of the thc hit you much faster than your traditional edible. It only takes about 30-45 minutes to feel the effects vs. 2 + hours from your traditional brownie or cookie.

The high can be described as a very mellow, and uplifting effect that lasts for 2-3 hours. These drinks  are not overbearing and will not knock you out, but it is still recommended that beginners drink slowly. Because every persons body reacts differently to the consumption of thc.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, cane sugar, natural flavor and color, THC, citric acid, gum arabic, preservatives sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate.

Nutritional facts: 25 g of sugar. 100 calories. 25 gram carbs. 25 mg sodium.

Overall we fully enjoyed our Sprig soda experience. That is why we rate them  5 out of 5 Weed&Brew review.  Here’s why:

Pros: Sugar cane, sugar free option available, excellent taste, no cannabis taste!

Cons: Only 45 mg of thc!

Find Sprig here

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FlavRx Gummies, Are These Best For Beginners? #edibles


app r

Sour gummy apple rings infused with cannabis

  • Come with 10 pieces in each pack.
  • Net weight of 8.0 g.
  • Retail for $20.00


Each piece is infused with a micro does of 25mg of THC. These candies taste best when eaten individually. They are sugary and sweet with a heavy cannabis after taste. Eat a few and wait about 2 hours before they kick in.

These sour gummy candies are not very potent.  They are a really good choice for beginners and people new to the world of eating edibles.  If you are new to eating edibles I suggest eating 2 pieces max within a two hour period.

Do not underestimate them, and eat them all at once (that would be a big mistake). They will definitely produce a calm and mellow body high that will leave you very relaxed for 2-3+ hours.


Product ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, lactic acid, citric acid, sorbitol, natural and artificial flavors, fumaric acid, titanium dioxide, yellow #5

Active ingredient: Cannabis oil

Overall these FlavRx apple rings get a 3 out of 5 Weed&Brew Review here’s why:

Pros: good value, easily concealable, potent

Cons: unhealthy ingredients including corn syrup and yellow 5, mild upset stomach

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All New Exclusive Insider Review Of CCC Delivery Service

I initially heard about this service from a coworker, what intrigued me the most was that it was Prop 64 compliant meaning that 21+ just needed a valid state id to start ordering medical grade cannabis. Fair enough, I jumped on WeedMaps to check out there menu.

The Menu is filled with hundreds of topshelf items ranging from Flower, wax, edibles, vape pen cartridges, pre-rolls, cbd oil, topicals, etc… Names like 710 King Pen, The REAL Paris OG, & Korova Baked Goods stood out among other Cannabis Cup winners.

I placed my order with Manny. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable of all products they carried. He was able to name off specials of the day and make quality recommendations. 25 minutes later I had some of the best weed in California.


I decided to go with a Hybrid and tried an 8th of L.A Kush’s Strawberry Blonde. Manny also threw in an additional gram to my order for being a first time customer. La Kush’s Strawberry Blonde came in a pretty cool package.

The nugs were freshly picked, neatly trimmed, and smooth to taste. Definitely a top quality award winning flower. Nitrogen Prepackaged containers of weed are getting more popular throughout California. They are interesting because they offer premium top quality flower from top growers that you normally would not find at your local clinic. The weed stays fresh for a longer period of time.

You can really feel the clarity of the high when you smoke really good weed. You can taste pure organic flower, rather than plants that have been treated with pesticides  and other harmful products.

The high left me in a relaxed, clear, and creative state of mind. (being 75% sativa dominant)

strawberry blonde

Overall we were extremely satisfied with the efficiency of this delivery service. That’s why we give Compassionate Care Collective a 5 out of 5 Weed&Brew Review!


Professional, fast delivery, constantly offering new products, knowledgeable staff.


That they don’t have a store front!

Check out there full menu: 

Compassionate Care Collective, Indio Ca. Menu

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