Will This New Technology Help Modernize Cannabis Sales?


For dispensary owners this may be just the tool need to increase efficiency and stay one step ahead of the competition. The Grasshopper Kiosk will be releasing new technology that will change the way we buy and sell Cannabis. What does this mean for the consumer?

We will be able to purchase cannabis much faster and easier. The release of the Grasshopper kiosk is really a win win for everyone. It will help shorten long dispensary lines, and also offer a quick and convenient way for customers to get in and out faster.

 giphy (24)

I think these kiosks are extremely necessary. I have been stuck waiting in line at a dispensary, and it is not fun. Some days are busier than others so it is good to know that I will have an option to pick up fast and efficiently with out any hiccups.

Soon you will be able to place an order from a smart phone app and it will be ready for pick up at your kiosk of choice! Look out for these first quarter 2018!

Find out more info on the Grasshopper Kiosk here:


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