Are These Exclusive Blunts The Ultimate Preroll?


LITWOODS & Nameless Genetics combine forces to offer an exclusive line of top-shelf preroll blunts! Only available in California.

Each preroll comes filled with 1.5 grams of medicinal grade Nameless Genetics Flower. Nameless Genetics is a Los Angeles based brand best known for there Cannabis Cup winning strains.
caaWe decided to give the nectar honey flavor a try. This preroll features one of Nameless Genetics exclusive Sativa strains called “Nectarine”. Nectarine is a cross between Megawellness and 24k strains. Nectarine is a brilliant flower that offers an amazing overload of citrus flavor terpenes. It is an uplifting Sativa that will give you a creative an energetic high. This strain is great for combating depression and alleviating anxiety. The high will typically last 2+ hours. nameless geneticsStandout features of this Litwood preroll include a reusable glass mouthpiece. This is a cool feature because it ensures that you get a quality rip each and every time. It is also convenient when sharing because it keeps the blunt dry.

litwoods preee

This pre-roll features Backwoods tobacco paper. So it has a strong tobacco taste. Backwoods helps the blunt burn extra slow. This blunt was smoked with two homies and it easily lasted 20 minutes! Surprisingly this blunt was extremely easy to rip and was not harsh on the throat at all.

We thoroughly enjoyed this blunt, it is a top quality premium grade medicinal product. With that comes a price. Each blunt will cost $35.00. With that being said these blunts are not practical for everyday use. They are more practical for entertainment and networking/social settings!

We highly recommend Litwoods. They offer an awesome product that even the most experienced smokers can appreciate! That is why we give them a 4.0 rating.

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Is This The Best Vape Extract Cartridge On The Market?

710 KingPen Review Breakdown (6)

California’s own 710 King Pen Vape cartridges have the most award winning vape extract formulas on the market to date. The 710 King Pen was presented with the top awards, at the High Times Cannabis Cup, in Los Angeles, California, Denver, and Colorado.

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Open the plastic cylinder packaging & the small details really start to shine. A stand out feature is the aluminum mouthpiece with crown hit, much preferable over the standard plastic ones. I have yet to see any other company put as much detail into a cartridge appearance as 710 has, oh ..wait now that I think of it, I have with Tree Base extracts.I will review Tree Base extracts on another day. But back to 710 they have an awesome fit and all around solid package for the price.

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Even if you just plug this cartridge into a generic 510 thread battery pack. You will still get very big hits. I will guarantee that if you hold the rip in for as long as possible you will start coughing.

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Pen cartridges are plug and play with any 510 thread battery packs. If you visit California, I recommend to pick up a 510 thread compatible battery pack. Once you get your battery pack you are ready to visit some medicinal dispensaries and try out some of the most potent prepackaged extracts on planet earth.


710 King Pen cartridges are made with LoudPack Extracts and have just over 80% THC content. In fact I can just take 1 rip and get an instant head change. That is how strong this stuff is!

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Flavors tested: Jack Herer (sativa) & Cali-O ( Hybrid)

710 Kingpen’s Jack Herer Cartridges combine both lemon and pine terpenes . Jack Herer is one of my favorite day time strains due to its energetic nature. It produces a unique effect that combines both relaxing body high with a very stimulating and uplifting head high. The energetic nature of sativa gets you in the mood, that is why I consider this Jack Herer cartridge to be a sexual stimulant.  But if you smoke this strain too late you may stay up all night!

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710 Kingpen’s Cali-O Cartridge boasts of fragrant fruit and citrus terpenes. This hybrid provides for a happy mood and deep state of relaxation, with a very pronounced body high. (Noticeably stronger than the Jack Herer flavor.) I really enjoy the taste of the Cali-O, but I prefer the energizing effects of the Jack Herer. Cali-o is one of the best tasting flavors I have experienced in a vape catridge. It’s really fucken good!

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